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Free DVD on Potty Training

My son is now almost 18 months old, and I am beginning to think about potty training. He isn’t really showing signs of being ready to begin the process yet, but I’ve decided to do some research on potty training boys.

My four previous children are girls and with DH away a lot traveling with his job, well, I’ve decided that I might need a little bit of assistance with this whole experience. Is it true that boys are more difficult to potty train the girls? I’ll let you know as soon as I do.

The real reason for this post was to encourage everyone to check out the PULL-UPS website which I just discovered. The disclaimers: I don’t really get to spend a lot of time on the internet just checking out sites, and when I do get the time, I like to make it count. I assume this is the case for most parents with young children. Because of these things, I felt it was important to share a quality site which is actually worth your time to sit down and explore.

On the website, you can find videos about potty training tips which are actually quite good. A real bonus is a free DVD on potty training which includes tips, songs and games designed to help your child breeze through the potty training experience. Even if you have a young infant, I’d suggest going online to get your free copy while supplies last. Eventually, you will be potty training your child!

One of the interesting things for me at least was a journal on the site started by Melissa Joan Hart to detail her potty training experiences with her son, Mason. My gosh I remember watching her show on Nickelodeon when I was a teenager. I guess I’m dating myself now, aren’t I?

The bottom line is that when you get a few moments to yourself while your baby is napping – check out the videos and get your free DVD. You may think that potty training is light years away, but the reality is that before you know it, your son or daughter will be ready to transition into big pants.

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