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flowingoptions.jpgIt?s great to be a woman of the 21st century. Not only do we enjoy the benefits of a freer society than that of our grandmothers, but we also enjoy the fruits of research on environmentally-friendly and organic sanitary products. Today?s woman has more choices on how to go organic, natural, and pro-environment. How do the following strike you?

  1. Organic, all-natural disposable cotton pads and tampons
  2. Reusable cotton cloth pads
  3. Menstrual cups

Be freed from the guilt of clogging rivers and landfills with potentially toxic waste materials (tampons and napkins). Be free from the worry of Toxic Shock Syndrome from synthetic fibers. Feel stress-free of carcinogens lurking in every possible chemically-laden feminine hygiene product. The above products are not promises; they?re real and can be had. This is the perfect time to be a woman. I wouldn?t mind using menstrual cups and reusable cotton cloth pads one bit. If my grandmother had my choices, she would have won more than just a bronze medal for swimming at the 1936 Olympics. I kid you not!

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