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Do You Really Need A Changing Table?

Many people, new parents included, are closely evaluating their purchases to stretch their dollars as far as possible. Some budget stretching ideas may include purchasing gently used items at thrift stores or borrowing items from friends. Another great way to stretch your budget dollars is to simply not buy items you won’t use regularly.

Is a Changing Table Really Necessary?

When purchasing furniture for our son’s nursery, we decided to not purchase a changing table. I know that most parents view this as an essential item, but after really examining our lifestyle, I felt our money could be invested better in other purchases.

Since we have a large family and a modest sized house, I felt that we could better use our free space in the nursery by purchasing an extra dresser which my son could use as he grew. This would also allow us extra storage space when he was little.

Changing Table Alternative

While browsing through the baby aisle at a store, I found a changing pad. This vinyl pad had curved sides and also had a safety belt. The pad could be placed on top of a low bureau or dresser and would make diaper changing tasks easier. The vinyl could be wiped down after changes to keep the surface germ free. I also found that there were washable covers as well as disposable covers for the pad which I could purchase.

Sounds great you say, but how did it really work out? I can honestly say that I am glad I didn’t purchase a changing table for our baby even though I did use one for our older children.

Did you purchase a changing table for your infant? Would you recommend that your friends make such a purchase or would you encourage them to check out other options?

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  1. Cherry Changing Tables: Can you use a dresser as a changing table?

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