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Why I Love My Cloth Diapers

I’m feeling super smug today. I’ve cloth diapered my son since he was six months old, when I bought a set of FuzziBunz diapers in size medium. He’s two and a half and those diapers still fit him. For that $200 investment, I’ve saved over $500 in disposable diapers in two years. And since I live in an apartment where the laundry is paid for, you can make that feeling extra super-smug!

It helps that he’s slim and didn’t need a bigger size of cloth diapers, which would have added to the expense. Moms who use one-size-fits all diapers, like BumGenius diapers, which fit babies from newborns up to toddlers, can also save money on buying diapers.

Once my son is potty trained, which I currently predict will be when they send Britney Spears to the moon, I can sell the diapers on or craigslist, where they have a great resale value.

Cloth diapers aren’t for everyone, but they’ve been a great choice for us. It helps a lot that I love doing laundry (yeah, i know I’m a freak), they are probably better for the environment, and they have lots of little benefits, like cushioning learning-to-walk bottoms better, and looking cuter than disposable diapers too.

I’ll close with a cute story… My son loves our neighborhood fire station. One of the times we were there, a firefighter dad-to-be asked if my son wore Pampers or Huggies. I use cloth, I told him. The other firefighters standing around chimed in with their opinions on different diaper brands and I can’t imagine a more surreal conversation than a bunch of burly firefighters with axes slung over their shoulders, chatting about diaper pins.

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