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Did you carry your baby in a sling?

sling.jpgWhen I first started venturing out of the house after having my daughter, I saw mothers carrying their babies in slings.

They told me, ‘It’s so much easier than lugging around a heavy car seat.’

‘You don’t even need a stroller.’

I wasn’t convinced. I strapped my daughter into her car seat before we got into the car, and let her stay in it when we moved about town. I struggled to carry it, or I put the whole thing in a bulky stroller.

But I always felt I should be touching or holding her most of the time. At home, I never put her down unless it was absolutely necessary. And something about strollers made her seem so far away.

When she was about 8 months old, I finally checked out slings. I brought my baby with me to the store, and a nice saleslady helped us try it on. I was sold. I read online instructions about how to use it properly, and we were on our way.

Front carriers, where the baby’s legs dangle, made my daughter cry. Some people say that these types of carriers exert pressure on the baby’s developing spine. All I know is my baby hated it.

But she loved the sling, and so did I. My hands were free to type, put away dishes, and other household things. It was great for walks and shopping. Strollers always seemed to be in the way, and I had to be careful not to take my eyes off of her. In the sling, she went where I went. I really wish I’d had it from day one.

I used it well beyond her first year, and we occasionally use it even at two and a half. For older children, it takes the load off of your arm, even though they’re on your side. I never figured out how to carry her on my back, but I can’t wait.

Did you carry your baby in a sling? We’d love to know your experiences. Let us know!

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