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Boogie Wipes Swipe Away Runny Noses

Boogie Wipes Swipe Away Runny Noses Cold and flu season has attacked with a vengeance. Kids everywhere have runny noses or worse, those awful boogers caked beneath their noses. On a normal day, I wipe or pull at least two of those out of Ashley’s nose. Running the heat in the house also dries up sinuses and can cause congestion. A humidifier helps a lot, but how do you get rid of those boogies?

Mom-preneurs Mindee and Julie of Little Busy Bodies, LLC, came up with the answer in Boogie Wipes. These gentle wipes contain saline that loosens caked on mucus, permitting you to wipe it easily from little noses. Boogie Wipes are available in “Natural Fresh Scent” and “Grape” and also contain aloe to moisturize the skin.

I used to keep about four aspirators (aka snot-suckers) in my house so one was always at hand. I’m happy to say I haven’t had to use one at all since I got a pack of Boogie Wipes. I always despised using the nasal saline solution and the aspirator on Ashley. I could tell she hated it. I don’t like having anything squirted up my nose, either! I was always afraid I would push the aspirator up to far, or she would move at the wrong moment, and I would hurt her. Q-tips were no better in that regard.

The saline in the boogie wipes loosens the mucous, letting you wipe it away easily. Tough boogies sometimes take a while, but they always come out. With the pleasant grape or “fresh” scent (which smells like fresh-washed laundry hung out to dry on a spring day!), Ashley doesn’t mind if I spend a minute or two wiping her nose. But most of the time, it only takes a second! That’s why the inventors created the wipes: To catch and clean little noses on the go.

Ashley smiles whenever I pull out a Boogie Wipe. She also opens her mouth to try to eat the grape wipe. (I will have to keep them out of reach when she’s a bit older!)

Boogie Wipes cost about $4 for a package of 30 wipes, and they come in a convenient pop-up package, which allow you to pull out one wipe at a time. They fit easily in your diaper bag or on the changing table. Four dollars isn’t exactly cheap for only 30 wipes, but the convenience and quality is worth it. Since you are helping to support a U.S.-based small business, it is money well spent. I’d like to see a re-usable package and then “refills” that sell for less money in bulk, just like baby wipes.

My only complaint is that the wipes are a bit bigger than they need to be; they are the size of actual baby wipes. Look at the size of a butt, then look at a nose (even an adult nose!) and you’ll see what I mean! The wipes could easily be half the size and still do the trick, and then you could get more per package. I’ve tried ripping them in half, but they’re too strong to tear easily. You’d have to cut them, and who has time to do that when you have a kid with a dripping nose?

Pulling out a package of boogie wipes at the local park will spark questions, so beyond their practical use, they’re a great conversation piece if you’re looking to meet other moms. I am definitely what social media expert Seth Godin would call an “early adopter” so I love being the first to have an innovative new product and telling my friends about it.

If you have a tot with a runny or stuffed up nose (and really, this winter, who doesn’t?) I definitely recommend you pick up a pack of Boogie Wipes. They are available at Wal-mart, Rite-Aid and grocery stores across the U.S.

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