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Beauty Tips For Busy Moms

We moms with little ones usually have little time to take care of our own needs. The kids keep us busy and their needs usually come first.

Here are some tips for looking your best, including what I’ve learned as a 40+ mom about skincare, makeup, hairstyle and color:


Recently, I said “Go ahead” when my hair stylist suggested taking my long layers a bit shorter….and I regretted it. Medium to long hair is usually easier to manage with long layers. Too many short layers require more maintenance. I used to be able to “wash and go”; my hair would dry on its own and look presentable. Now, I need to use the blow-dryer more often to tame my wavy layers (who has time for that?). Plus, longer layers are much more easily pulled up or back into a ponytail.

A couple of tricks if you do end up with a style that’s harder to manage: Sometimes, I do let my hair air-dry, or I just focus on drying the short layers in front that don’t seem to “lay right”–then, I use my flat-iron to tame those sections. A curling iron works, too.

Hair Color

Then, there’s color. When you’re a bit older and the “grays” start to pop out, you’ll likely want to add some color. Keep in mind that “going blonde” will require more visits to the salon, as your roots show up way more quickly. Ask yourself: Do I have the time and the money? A darker shade or one that’s close to your natural color will brighten up your appearance with less maintenance.

I have used Clairol’s Root Touch-up in between professional colorings, mainly to save money. It works great.

Skin Care

In terms of skincare, there are four essential steps for everyday care, although the last two can be combined, leaving you with just three.

  • Clean. My favorite facial cleanser is Oil of Olay Regenerist cleanser. Olay products, available at your local pharmacy or, are rated as working as well as many high-end, very pricey skin care brands.
  • Exfoliate. I currently skip daily exfoliating and use a weekly mask/skin-peel but am thinking of adding that exfoliant back in.
  • Sunscreen. I recently read of a way to skip this very important step. If you find a moisturizer you like with an SPF included, there’s no need to apply an extra sunscreen unless you’re spending a day at the beach (in which case, it’s probably a good idea to add a sunscreen like Neutrogena Age Shield Face). Many of the newer facial sunscreens contain ingredients which help to reduce previous sun-damage. I am thrilled about these products; I was one of those teens who used to “bake” in the sun!

Of course, you need to know your skin type before choosing which products are best for you.

One last tip: I usually do not have time to put on much makeup on a daily basis. I find that dabbing and blending a light foundation on your skin, putting on mascara and lip gloss provides a nice, next-to-natural look. I am loving Loreal’s new True Match Roller foundation. I used to spend way more on a designer brand.

What are your beauty secrets?

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