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5 New Uses for Baby’s Receiving Blankets

At my baby shower for my first born, I received a number of useful items – socks, bottles, sleep sacks, and even diapers and wipes. But the most useful item, which we are still using on our now almost-2-year old daughter is the plethora of receiving blankets.

Receiving blankets are not much more than a piece of flannel, with the edges finished so that they don’t fray. Unfortunately, during their 20+ months of use, our receiving blankets are looking a bit scrappy. But they’re still being used, probably more heavily now than when our daughter was an infant. At first, we swaddled her in them, covered her with them when she napped, and rolled them up to be makeshift head rests when the head rest in her car seat was too big. Now, they’re finding all kinds of use, both baby related and around the house. Here are five of my favorite uses for receiving blankets.

  1. Clothing cover. When our daughter first began eating table food, we discovered just how messy a toddler can be. Since she takes off any bib we put on her just as fast as we can fasten it, we’ve resorted to all sorts of solutions to protect her clothes. The best one so far has been a receiving blanket. Tied at the back of her neck, sort of like a halter top, then draped over her chest and tucked under her arms and around back, this smock-like device catches most of the crumbs that fall from her hand or mouth, and can be taken outside and shaken out when mealtime is over.
  2. Dirty changing table or seat cover. A thin receiving blanket is easy enough to tuck into a diaper bag or purse, and can be used to cover up any untoward-looking public changing table, booster seat or high chair.
  3. Sun shade. In the car, a receiving blanket tucked into the top of the window makes a nice, light curtain to help cut the glare of bright sunshine and keep our daughter cool in her car seat.
  4. Play thing. Our daughter loves to play with non-toys, and a receiving blanket fits the bill. She can make a fort out of it, drag it around, use it to cover and uncover other toys – the possibilities are as unlimited as her imagination.
  5. Cleaning rag. This one’s for the tattered receiving blankets we no longer use for our daughter. The clean and lint-free flannel fabric makes a great cleaning rag around the house – especially when washing windows.

What unusual uses have you found for receiving blankets?

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