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Working Pregnant Moms… When Should You Quit Work?

Working Pregnant Moms... When Should You Quit Work?Towards the end of pregnancy, most moms feel huge, uncomfortable, but fine to go to work, and many moms work right up to the birth of their babies.

Many of us can’t afford to quit work, or would prefer to take maternity leave once our babies are born, to spend the time off actually with our babies.

If you are pregnant, and deciding when to start your maternity leave, here’s something to consider.

Women who work right up until their due date are up to four times more likely to need a cesarean section than moms who had some time off before their baby was born. Why? No-one is really sure, but maybe it’s because moms who work right up until they get contractions are more tired, and are more likely to run out of energy for pushing, and then need a c-section.  Moms who take some time off before baby is due are probably more rested, and also have the time to prepare mentally for labor, and aren’t taken as much by surprise.

That’s not to say you WILL have a cesarean if you work until your water breaks, it just increases the chances.

It’s hard for us to quit work. It’s hard for moms to take time for themselves. It’s hard to loose the potential income. But when you are considering finances, moms who have cesarean sections need to stay in the hospital much longer than moms who have uncomplicated vaginal deliveries. 5 days is normal for a c-section, and 1-2 days for a vaginal birth. The difference in medical bills for the longer stay may well be more than the money you’d earn by working an extra week.

And, if you can take a little time off before baby is born, take all that time and do things for yourself. If you are expecting your first baby, do the things that are easy without a child and impossible with a newborn. Go to a movie, walk in the park, spend time with your husband, have lunch with your friends, go to a gallery.   And if you are a mom already, you can spend that time with your children without being distracted with caring for the new baby.

At the very least, if you can’t quit work, try to take it easy especially in the last weeks, and get as much sleep, rest and relaxation as you can at home.

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