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Why I Miss My Belly

Why I Miss My BellyI miss my pregnant belly.  You may wonder why in the world I would miss having a huge stomach that didn’t allow me to tie my own shoes, but there was just something amazing about having a big pregnant belly.  When the point came when I couldn’t suck in my belly anymore there was a real liberation with that.  After all, most women suck in our bellies constantly, but once you reach a certain point in pregnancy there’s no chance that you can suck anything in.  Instead, you just relax and let your belly be huge.  I can’t do that now, although thankfully my belly is nowhere near as huge as it was when I was pregnant.

I also liked how people urged me to eat more.  “You must be hungry! You have to eat to keep up your energy, carrying that heavy load around!” Nobody says that to me anymore, and frankly if anyone did I would surely take it as an insult.

I really miss feeling the baby move inside of me.  I’ll admit that there were many times when I was trying to sleep and my baby kicked me that I wasn’t so thrilled about it, but I don’t think there are many things that can compare to feeling a baby inside me with hiccups.  I distinctly remember hugging my belly and having my friends do the same while we all sang out, “Hug the baby!” What an awesome connection with a baby that isn’t even born yet.

I do miss making people take a second glance.  Once when my husband and I were in the waiting room at the doctor’s office – and I was about thirty-eight weeks pregnant – I jumped up and did a hula dance just because I knew it would be a ridiculous sight for everyone in the room.  A woman doing the hula in a waiting room is a little weird, but a really pregnant woman doing the hula in a waiting room is downright hilarious.

Most of all, I miss the powerful feeling that I was solely responsible for carrying around a life inside me.  It’s such a powerful feeling.  Nursing my baby was a similar feeling, but nothing really matches how I felt watching my belly go from it’s normal size to pretty darn huge because I knew I was capable of growing a baby inside me.

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