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When You Have a High Risk Pregnancy

When You Have a High Risk PregnancyI am now halfway into my 14th week of pregnancy.  This week, my doctor’s office called to inform me of my visit to “Maternal and Fetal Medicine Clinic (MAFMC)” at the local teaching hospital.

Visits to the MAFMC are reserved for women who are 35 and over and pregnant; women who have a history of stillbirth or miscarriage; or those who have children with genetically inherited diseases.  I am not happy to say that I fit into all of the above categories.

My appointment at the clinic is March 30th.  At that time, they will offer genetic counseling to my husband and I (I’m not too worried about this as the genetic issues my older children have were inherited from their father’s side), and perform a level 2 ultrasound. During the ultrasound, they will be looking for birth defects, and also physical markers for Down’s Syndrome.

Since I am 39, I am well aware of my risks and that worries me.  My sister-in-law and brother discovered recently that the child they were expecting had Down’s.  She is my age.

Another factor that concerns me is that my husband travels frequently.  I am hoping that he will be home for this visit and able to attend with me.  I am sure I’ll want the emotional support on that day.

The exciting news is that I shall be 19 weeks pregnant at the time of this visit.  I am praying that all is well with our baby, and I am also hoping that we might be able to find out the gender of our baby during this visit.  I’ve found that not all of my children were willing to share that secret with us during the ultrasound visit! This does happen occasionally.

I finally found a brand of pre-natal vitamins that I can tolerate! The doctor I have was kind enough to give out samples so I could try the different kinds without purchasing a whole lot of vitamins.

Have you ever been scheduled for a “high risk pregnancy appointment”?

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