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What Does Water Breaking Feel Like?

whatwaterbreaklike.jpgI’ve had my water break two different ways: once by a doctor and once naturally. Since I was induced when my daughter was due, the doctor made my water break. With my second baby, my water breaking was my first big clue that I was in labor. Both instances felt very different, and if you’re wondering what it feels like I’m happy to share my own experiences.

When I was induced with my first baby the doctor hoped that my water would break on its own, but since it didn’t she did it with some sort of hook contraption. I don’t know much about the medical terms for the experience, but from what I understand she poked the amniotic sack and that broke my water. It didn’t hurt at all and the most notable thing about the whole experience was the gush of liquid that came out.

I was scheduled to be induced with my son, but the night before the appointment I was in bed when all of a sudden I felt a huge shift in my belly, as though he was giving me a bigger kick than he had ever given me. I swear I heard a little “pop!” and the next thing I knew it was as if I had peed in the pajamas. The next thing I knew, my contractions came full force and I was in labor. The water breaking didn’t hurt at all, but it was a little perplexing until I figured out what had actually happened.

My advice is to not fear your water breaking, whether your doctor does it or if your body does it naturally. I will admit that I was really glad my water didn’t break when I was standing in line at the bank or something, and that for the most part it happened in privacy.

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