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Twins in mom’s womb dislodge tumor – and saves her life

twinsmomtumorlife.jpgMichelle Stepney was carrying twin girls. But babies weren?t all that were present in her womb. She also had a sizable tumor due to cervical cancer. And the babies’ kicking movements dislodged the tumor. In order to remove the tumor, Mrs. Stepney needed to undergo an operation but this meant terminating the pregnancy.

For Mrs. Stepney, abortion was out of the question. Instead, the doctors put her on low-dose chemotherapy to prevent the cancer from spreading. She kept her babies in her womb till they were then delivered by C-section on the 33rd week. The babies were healthy and did not suffer any side effects from the chemotherapy except for a lack of hair.

Four weeks later, Mrs. Stepney underwent a hysterectomy to remove the tumor. Thanks to the chemotherapy, the cancer did not spread to other parts of the body.

The twins’ kicking the tumor loose allowed an early diagnosis of cervical cancer, thus, saving their mother’s life. In turn, their mother risked her life by refusing to terminate her pregnancy. Trully, life begets life.


Daily Mail, 7 Feb 2008

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