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Trying on Maternity Clothes

Have you reached the point in your pregnancy yet when you need to go out and buy some actual maternity clothes? There is only so long you can walk around with your regular pants unbuttoned, after all, so there usually comes a point for most women when it’s time to head to the store and get some real maternity clothes.

While some women look forward to the experience (I did!) there are some women who avoid it until they just can’t wait any more. Granted, some maternity clothes are really horribly ugly, but you’ll probably be surprised to find that there are some really cute things out there.

Here are the things that made the experience of shopping for maternity clothes a lot of fun for me:

1. The baby bump! If you shop in a store that is specifically designed for pregnant women you’ll probably be offered a fake belly to strap onto your belly so you can see how the clothes will fit in a few months. I got a real kick out of the preview.

2. The comfort! I had been shoving my belly into my larger clothes, but it was downright uncomfortable when I was sitting because my pregnant belly pushed up against the waistband. Getting some clothes that actually fit was a real treat.

3. The experience! I took my husband along with me and we did let some sniffles out when I was trying on the maternity clothes. It was just a beautiful moment…the pregnancy was becoming a lot more tangible in our minds very quickly, and buying some clothes for my big belly was making it all a lot more real for us.

Don’t dread the experience; embrace it! You’ll be back in your pre-pregnancy clothes soon enough (or, at least in my case, in a couple years) so just enjoy the clothes that accentuate your status as a pregnant woman while you can.

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