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Top 10 Pregnancy Cravings

Pregnancy cravings are a common part of the pregnancy process. Although regular food cravings can come from many different sources such as stress, poor diet, or that time of the month, pregnancy cravings are different and may stem from a much more important source: your baby. Craving a wide variety of odd menu items may be fun for some and less fun for others. Whether you are particularly enthused about your inordinate desire for a chicken and peanut butter sandwich at three in the morning, most pregnant mothers, as well as their doting husbands, go along with the craving process dutifully and try their best to accommodate its every whim.

One of the many early symptoms of pregnancy, cravings tend to start pretty quickly after finding out you’re pregnant. This is morning sickness season and sometimes the only thing keeping the nausea away is very strange and specific food combinations.  Some women go entire weeks wanting to eat only one thing. During the later stages of pregnancy cravings often intensify and become even more specific. This is when you may request “French fries with lots of ketchup” at half past midnight.  Cravings usually only fully leave your body once your baby is born.  Read more

But what is the modern day mommy craving?  We asked our Facebook friends what kinds of food they craved during their pregnancies, and here’s what they had to say:

Junk Food

Everyone (unfortunately) likes junk food whether pregnant or not, so it should come as no surprise that by far the top item on our Top 10 Pregnancy Cravings List is junk food.   Candy, chips, and soda were too generic for our moms though.  They asked for brand names like Sour Skittles, Doritos and Dr. Pepper.


But not just any cookie.  Again,  these were usually requested in specific flavors like Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies or Oreos.   Oh the poor woman who craved Girl Scout Cookies in the summertime!

Anything Cold

Lots of ice-creams made the list as well as Slurpees, Frosties, and even just plain ice.  Surprise!  These were often craved in a specific flavor such as Cheesecake Blizzard.


Not surprisingly, pickles showed up as a common menu item on the craving pregnant mother’s list.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter was often craved in conjunction with something else.  Facebook Fan Jennifer Smith said, “Peanut butter and banana sandwiches… and of course, pickles!”


Although our moms craved many different kinds of fruit, watermelon showed up as a clear favorite. Belinda Vogels said, “I loved fruit, fruit, and more fruit!” and Amanda Halvorson mentioned specifically “wet fruit.”


Things like green olives, pepper rings, and salads found their way more than once onto your list. And did we mention pickles?

Fast Food

Although many fast food restaurants were mentioned, Subway topped the list. Other brands included McDonalds, especially their French fries, and Dairy Queen.   I had a friend who ate a Whopper a day during her pregnancy.


Blanca Rosa Rivera-Rodriguez shared, “Nothing in particular – I ate it all!”


Naturally, milk was sometimes craved together with other strange side dishes such as … you guessed it .. Pickles!

Do any of these things make your tummy grumble? It just might if you are pregnant. Find out more about the different stages of your pregnancy with our guide to Your Pregnancy Week by Week.

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