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There is a silver lining to certain medical conditions

Health conditions can range from the simply annoying to the potentially fatal. But it seems there are upsides to certain conditions that give us some food for thought. As in the case of allergies and gestational hypertension.


This study by Cornell University researchers suggests that our annoying allergies, previously thought to be due to a malfunctioning immune system, are actually defense mechanisms that can protect us from certain types of cancer. Yes, the big C. Especially cancers involving organs exposed to the environment (e.g. skin, lungs, throat, uterus, cervix, and gastrointestinal tract). It seems that allergic reactions are a way in which our body tries to get rid of invading substances from the environment – including toxins and carcinogens. So next time you feel the hay fever coming, think twice before you start moaning.


Now, nobody would wish to have this pregnancy complication, considering the risks involved. Sometimes called gestational hypertention, pre-eclampsia can present risks to both mother and fetus in the form of miscarriage, pre-term delivery, and fetal problems. But would you believe it that mommies who had pre-eclampsia have baby boys with lower risks for testicular cancer? This is according to a study by Swedish researchers. This doesn’t mean that normal pregnancies translate into increased risks for this cancer for the babies. Let’s just say, it’s just a little bit of silver lining to the very dark cloud of pre-eclampsia. This upside notwithstanding, pre-eclampsia is still something best avoided.

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