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The Second Pre-Natal Appointment

The Second Pre-Natal AppointmentToday I’m going to share my second pre-natal appointment with Babies Online readers! My hope is that maybe this will be helpful to you though.

I was nervous today because I’ve miscarried around four months before.  I am spotting now.  Is it “normal” or a sign of something ominous?

At first, they had trouble finding the baby’s heartbeat.  As I have been pregnant quite a few times, my uterus is large for date (I say I am old and my elastic is stretched out–they say maybe it is twins).  We could hear flutters though.  Some babies do NOT like the doppler I’ve been told and wince away from them, even in utero.  The midwife swore she heard a heartbeat but it kept moving.  She couldn’t get a “lock” on it.

I was trying to NOT panic.  It’s not easy.  They asked me if I would like an ultrasound to reassure myself and of course I said yes.  It took a while until the machine was free in the office and I waited and tried to not worry.  As we were walking to the machine, the midwife told me that she felt I might be having twins as my uterus was so large for my due date. Either that or my dates were off.  I still was going with the stretched elastic theory though.

We got in there and the first thing I noticed was the flutter for the heart.  My baby was OK.  The midwife checked for two–there was none.  My dates were correct too.  What do you know? It IS stretched elastic after all!

The baby was curled up with his or her knees in his or her face.  We laughed about that.  How is that even remotely comfortable?  All of this room and this baby is curled up on itself!

There was no sign of bleeding or blood in the ultrasound.  The midwife told me that sometimes, women who have had surgery on their cervix (I’ve had 2 to remove pre-cancerous cells) can spot and bleed a little bit.  She felt this was the cause of my spotting.

The heart rate is 160.  My great-grandmother would have sworn that meant it was a girl.  This midwife tells me that the whole heart rate and gender correlation is a myth.  We’ll see.  My next appointment is in 3 weeks, although they’ve set me up with a genetic counselor for a session and a level 2 ultrasound because of my “advanced maternal age”.

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