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The “Nesting” Urge

The "Nesting" UrgeI have often heard stories about pregnant women who get the “nesting” urge.  The urge is supposed to hit before birth.  Pregnant women who get the nesting urge have an uncontrollable urge to fix up the house and get things ready for the baby.

I am not sure why, but I have officially begun to get the nesting urge at 5 months along.  Perhaps it is because our house is under construction, or perhaps it is because we already have a large family and all the mess that goes along with a large family.  At any rate, I believe I am driving my dear husband slightly crazy; and I know for a fact that the neighbors regard my recent obsession with mulch and flowers as amusing.

In addition to gardening–which I wanted to do before it gets too hot here in the south–and I painted the baseboard trim in the house.  Today, I’m sore and tired.

In discussing nesting urges with my girlfriends, I found that most of us felt the urge to begin and finish seemingly meaningless tasks.  One of my friends had her husband replace the kitchen linoleum several times before finding just the “right” one.  Years later, she and her husband laugh about this.  “It’s not like the baby came home from the hospital and thanked me for choosing just the right shade of flooring!  I don’t know what I was thinking!”

Did you get any nesting urges when you were expecting?

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