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The Name Game

thenamegame.jpgMy husband and I had a little girl’s name picked out even before we were married. The other day, my husband asked how set I was on that name, and tossed out another option.

I like both equally, so I may leave the decision to him. If we have a boy, though, we’ll have a problem.

We’ve had much lengthier discussions over boy’s names, and still can’t settle on one either of us likes, which doesn’t remind us of poorly-behaved relatives, ex-boyfriends, or losers and weirdos we knew in high school.

Babies Online has a host of resources to help expectant parents select a name, including a comprehensive listing of baby names and their meanings, and a list of the most popular names, as compiled by the Social Security Administration.

These are great resources for parents to peruse if they have no ideas for names, to gauge the popularity of a particular name, or to look deeper into the meanings behind their choices. You can also run a numerology report on your unborn baby’s name (just leave out the date-of-birth) to get some insight into the personality traits of the child if you select a certain name.

When I ran two variations of our favorite female name through the report, the personality traits listed so closely matched myself, or, with an alternate spelling, my husband, that I’m convinced of the report’s accuracy!

Unfortunately, none of these resources has helped me and my husband pick a boy’s name. It’s just not happening. It’s definitely one of those situations where I’ll ‘know it when I hear it,’ and I haven’t heard it yet.

I’m only in Week 10 of pregnancy. I know we have plenty of time. But this absence of an obvious boy’s name leaves me convinced we’re going to have a girl. Which makes me a little freaked out; what if we find out it’s a boy? Will the child be scarred for life by being thought of in the feminine for the first 15 or so weeks of her, um–his, life?

Of course, I’m being ridiculous. But maybe this is just to keep my mind off the real fears: giving birth, continuing to work while I raise an infant, being first-time parents, having the money to afford a baby, getting the spare room organized enough to turn it into a nursery!

I had one of those moments this afternoon, where I felt firmly convinced that I could not handle this. What were we thinking anyway? Our whole lives are going to change.

This is a lot more personal than I’ve gotten in this blog, but it is supposed to be a pregnancy diary. If any moms out there would like to offer comments of reassurance, they will be happily accepted. Likewise, pregnant women reading this; please step up and share your fears. We don’t have to be alone in this.

To get back to the topic at hand, I pose another question to you, dear mothers: when did you select a baby name? Were you in the hospital, pulling a name out of the air when the doctors asked what to write on the birth certificate, did you have the ‘perfect name’ in mind before conception, or somewhere in between?

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