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The Foley Bulb

thefoleybulb.jpgMy first labor was induced because I was overdue and my blood pressure was steadily climbing. My doctor was getting nervous and wanted to avoid an emergency c-section, and to be honest with you I was pretty darn ready to get that baby out of me. I was huge, I had spent a couple weeks on bed rest, and it seemed to me the quicker we got the ball rolling the better.

My doctor asked me to stop by the hospital the night before I was scheduled for induction because she wanted to try something on me that might help things move along a little faster. Here is what she did: She inserted what looked like a deflated balloon into my cervix and then filled that ghastly thing up with liquid. Apparently the Foley Bulb (or as I like to call it, “balloon torture,”) would expand my cervix and kick-start me into labor. Did I mention the Foley Bulb comes complete with a long tube that the doctor tapes to the inside of your leg? Fun, fun, fun.

So there I was, as pregnant as could be, doing my best to waddle back to the car with a balloon in my cervix and a tube running down my leg. There was an immense amount of pressure, and within a couple of hours I started having full-blown contractions. It was as if I went from zero to labor in a really short amount of time.

My doctor told me the Foley Bulb would either stay intact or fall out on its own when my cervix got stretched out enough, but after an hour of contractions I figured it was time to help things along. I got a real taste of labor that night when I literally pushed that thing out. Congratulations, it’s a Foley Ball!

For all that effort, the Foley Ball didn’t really do anything for me. Maybe if I had left it inside instead of working hard to push it out it may have opened up my cervix like it was supposed to, but if your doctor asks you if you want a Foley Ball consider yourself warned…it’s not fun.

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