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The Day I Lost My Feet

thedayfeet.jpgI knew during my pregnancy that one day I wouldn’t be able to see my feet anymore, and I was prepared for it. I actually looked forward to it a little, believe it or not. The whole experience of carrying a baby inside me was new and interesting, but it all seemed a little surreal and unbelievable. Am I the only pregnant woman to actually think to herself, “How in the world is there a living thing in there?” As my belly expanded it all became much more tangible.

The day I lost my feet was a landmark day for me. I was in the shower, and when I looked down to scrub my feet I couldn’t see them. My belly was so big that I couldn’t even see the tips of my toes. Mind you, if I hadn’t been pregnant this probably wouldn’t be cause for celebration, but after my shower I dashed to the phone and called all my female relatives and friends. “I lost my feet!” I announced breathlessly. They all cheered.

My husband – bless his heart – wasn’t quite sure how to react to my announcement, and I could see the wheels in his head turning: “Am I supposed to think this is good, or do I console her about the weight gain?” I assured him it was good news, and cause for a celebration.

I didn’t see my feet from a standing position again until after my daughter was born, but I will never forget the sheer joy that came with losing sight of the tip of my toes. I wonder if I’m the only woman who made such a big deal out of this.

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