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The 6th Month Checkup

The 6th Month CheckupToday, I went for my 6th month check up at the baby doctor.  The visit is pretty much similar to the last one: they weight you, check your urine for protein and sugar, listen to the baby’s heartbeat, measure your growth, and listen to you complain!

At each visit, your doctor should ask you if you have symptoms like bleeding, spotting, swelling, contractions or pain.  The list is usually longer, but those are the major players they seem to be looking at because these symptoms can denote that something serious is going on.  Today, the doctor asked if I am eating well, and if I’m able to sleep.

I’ve never had a doctor ask me about my eating, and so I asked why they were asking.  Apparently, I haven’t gained any weight since my last visit!  That’s a first for me.  They claim that my growth is still good, and so they aren’t concerned.

Up until this point, I have to admit I was feeling pretty good with this pregnancy.  I am now starting to feel uncomfortable.  I’m having contractions quite a bit–mostly because it’s been so hot and humid in our area and I guess I am not drinking enough fluids.  The doctor told me to cut out anything with caffeine because this can make dehydration worse.  I shall miss my tea!  The doctor also claims that “practice contractions” are stronger in women who have had multiple pregnancies.  Since this is my 8th pregnancy, I guess I qualify.

My next appointment is on June 1st.   August is quickly approaching and soon we’ll get to meet our baby.  Part of me is still in disbelief that I am actually having a baby!  I guess I’ll begin to accept that we are having a baby when that first REAL contraction hits.  Maybe…..

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