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The $35 Gender Test

The $35 Gender TestI was shopping at my local Walgreen’s pharmacy where I spied a prenatal gender test for about $35.   No, I didn’t purchase the test, but I thought about it.  I still am thinking about the test.

The test is called the Intelligender. Supposedly, it’s available at different pharmacies, but it can also be ordered online if you can’t find the product in your local area.

Chemicals in the test react with your urine to identify the gender of the child you are carrying.  An orange color means your child is a girl. A green color means your child is a boy.  The test manufacturers claim that the results are 80% accurate if the directions are followed.

I am having an ultrasound next Monday, where I hope to find out my child’s gender minus the $35 dollar expense.  I know, $35 doesn’t sound like a lot of money, but yet it is.

Have you heard of this product? Would you try it for $35?

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