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Texas Company Sued For Selling Fraudulent Health Cards to Pregnant Women

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Pregnancy is one of the worst times to be uninsured. Medical care is vital for pregnant women and too many women and babies in this country are missing out on proper health care because they can’t afford health insurance, or the insurance they have doesn’t cover maternity costs.

According to the Texas Attorney General, a company has been preying on uninsured pregnant women. Affordable HealthCare Options, AHCO, based in Austin, Texas, sold discount insurance cards called the MaternityCard that promised to cover up to 60% of pregnancy-related medical costs. The plan cost $199 to enroll, with a $99 monthly fee.

But when members tried to use the MaternityCard at the doctors who were supposedly preferred providers for the plan, the doctor’s offices told the Moms that they had never heard of AHCO or the MaternityCard.

To add insult to injury, when Moms tried to cancel the plan, AHCO told them there would be a $250 cancellation fee.

Over 140 moms complained to Texas’ Better Business Bureau, which lead the Texas Attorney General to file a lawsuit against AHCO on Monday 21 April.

AHCO’s website is still offering the MaternityCard, despite the lawsuit.

If the allegations are true, this company is simply despicable. Preying on vulnerable pregnant women puts not just the moms at risk, but their babies too.

Moms who bought the MaternityCard and want to make a complaint can contact the Texas Office of the Attorney General via the web, or by telephone: 800-252-8011.

If you are pregnant and uninsured, or underinsured, what are your options? Depending on your income, you may qualify for Medicaid, or a program administered by your state’s Health Department. Many hospitals have programs for uninsured patients offering sliding scale rates or payment plans: contact the hospital directly for more information.

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