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Simple Handcrafted Baby Shower Ideas

You just found out one of your very favorite gals in the whole world is expecting a wee one, and you’re simply ecstatic. You know you want to throw her the absolute best baby shower ever, but you don’t have a lot of money to spare. Times are tough, and you have your own family to take care of. But there’s no need to fret. There are many beautiful, and simple, favors and decorations you can do yourself and save money. While the thought of do-it-yourself projects might sound intimidating, it’s really nothing to get worked up about. All you need is a babyshower theme and some time, and you’ll be good to go.

Gender Based Colors

If you know the sex of the baby, it can be easier to come up with a theme for the shower. But there are plenty of options for unisex baby showers as well. Animal themes can be used for either sex, and they open the door to many fun possibilities when it comes to favors and décor. If you’d rather not have a very specific theme, simply choose a color or two to coordinate everything around. Yellows and greens are typical for unisex showers, but there’s no need to feel limited. If the mom-to-be has a favorite color or has chosen a specific theme for the baby’s nursery, use that. But remember, anything goes. Just have fun coming up with an idea that fits both mother and baby.


When it comes to décor, the possibilities are endless. Create a banner with ribbon and cut-outs that spell out the baby’s name (if you don’t know the name, just put ‘Baby’ and the last name of mom). Purchase blank onesies and decorate them to hang on the wall. If you enjoy being creative, use puff paints to create fun designs on them. Otherwise an iron-on transfer or other appliqué will look great. One of the best centerpieces for a baby shower, and one that’s practical too, is a diaper cake. It doesn’t have to be anything phenomenal. Just roll diapers and tie with ribbon in several tiers. Add in shoes or bows, baby toys, whatever you’d like to add flair to the cake.

Food and Treats

Chocolates and cookies are some of the easiest and most versatile favors. They can be made into any shape and/or color you desire. Even plain cookies or chocolates can be wrapped in cellophane and tied with a colorful ribbon to match any theme. If you should decide to give out cookies, attach a shaped cookie cutter to the bag or box. Candles, soaps, and lollipops are favors that are also relatively easy to make and can be designed to emphasize the shower theme. It all depends on your artistic skill set, patience, and the amount of time you have.

Whatever you choose, remember that not everything has to be 100% perfect. The mom-to-be will be very appreciative and feel loved knowing you took the time to put things together for her. No one is going to notice minor mistakes or flaws. Everyone will be too busy fawning over the pregnant belly and cute baby gifts to worry about any of the other minute details.

Andrea Boley is a writer and blogger with  She has been writing articles and blogging for over 10 years and is always happy to share her passion for life and experiences through her work.  Her educational backgrounds in psychology and journalism have given her a solid foundation from which to draw experience and expertise in an array of topics.

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