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Second Trimester Ultrasound

Second Trimester UltrasoundBecause I am of  “advanced maternal age“, I went today for genetic counseling and a level 2 ultrasound at the local medical college.

Our baby is a boy!  My husband was thrilled and our older children were thrilled too.  How wonderful!

The ultrasound technician told me (my husband is away on the other side of the country on business) that our baby has echogenic bowels.  This means that the bowel shows up brighter on the ultrasound than it should.  However, it is “borderline echogenic”.  I don’t really understand other than they say echogenic bowels are a “marker” for Down’s Syndrome.   They can also mean absolutely nothing.

The doctor advised that I consider an amniocentisis to determine if the marker was a true indicator for Down’s Syndrome.  I refused.

I have to say that the doctor didn’t spend but 5 minutes with me and then left.  I wasn’t really impressed.  I mean, if it REALLY is a serious thing, then shouldn’t you spend a little more time with a patient? The genetic counselor told me that echogenic bowels could mean: nothing at all, that the baby has swallowed some blood or excess amniotic fluid, that the baby has cystic fibrosis, or that the baby has Down’s.

Since I have had some spotting, I am leaning more toward the logical conclusion that our baby has swallowed some blood.  I am hoping that all will be well, and I’m trying to concentrate on the good things about this baby and how he appears otherwise healthy.

Have you ever been told that your baby has echogenic bowels? I’m curious to find out what happened in your case.  Please post!

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