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Random Pregnancy Pains

Just when I thought I’d been through enough in this pregnancy, last night my belly button started hurting so much it made me cry. I know all these aches are nothing compared to labor, but, the way I see it, at least contractions will have a definite end-point.

I had no idea when my belly button would stop hurting so I could go to sleep, and was also scared about the cause!

I’m in Week 35 of pregnancy, and only experienced belly button symptoms once before. At the start of my second trimester my belly button itched from the inside. I’m posting this because no one seems to talk about these random, seemingly silly but nonetheless painful pregnancy symptoms.

Intense belly button pain could be a pregnancy-related hernia which, according to medical professionals, usually goes away after the baby is born. If it is a hernia, the pain may start very early in pregnancy, or after you’ve done heavy lifting.

But it could be something far more benign: Your growing uterus pushing against your belly button. Later in pregnancy, it could be a sign that your belly button is about to ‘pop.’

Women have reported experiencing this pain beginning as early as Week 8 or as late as Week 36, with the average time being somewhere in the second trimester, so, once again, I’m fortunate. At best, I have a few weeks of this to go!

Rubbing cocoa butter or shea butter on the area, although they’ve been shown to not prevent stretch marks, may help the skin to stretch, alleviating the pain. Ice cubes also dull the pain and soothe the itching. I also find diversion really does help, like baby kicks, if you don’t pay attention to the pain, it won’t hurt as much.

So let’s talk about something else. What random aches and pains did you experience during pregnancy that no one warned you to expect? How did you handle them? What were their causes? Your advice may help first-time mothers-to-be avoid a few sleepless nights worrying about benign pregnancy symptoms.

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