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Quickening During Pregnancy

Quickening During PregnancyWhat is “quickening”? When you first feel your baby move during your pregnancy.  According to most official reports, women usually feel movement during their pregnancies anywhere from the 14th week to the 22nd week.

An informal poll I conducted amongst my friends and relatives revealed that most women actually feel their child move sooner.  Many people I asked admitted that they felt movement sooner during their second pregnancy simply because they knew what to “look for”.

My sister admitted that she felt flutters during her first pregnancy around 11 weeks.  She just figured that she was having some sort of odd muscle spasms.  After she felt the exact same sensation around the same time with her second pregnancy, she realized that it wasn’t muscle spasms, but rather it was her baby moving.

Exactly what does it feel like when your baby first begins to move inside of your womb?  I’d describe it as a light fluttering feeling.  Almost as if you have butterflies inside of you.  The fluttering isn’t at all regular early on in your pregnancy–so don’t be worried if you feel flutters one day, and then you don’t feel anything for a few days.

I notice more movement after meals, and at night when I am still.  Some women feel that their baby is active during a certain time of the day.

Do you remember when you first felt your baby move during your pregnancy?  How would you describe the feeling?

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