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Preparing For a C-Section, Just In Case

plan.jpgWe had friends over for dinner on Christmas Day, and they are expecting their first child in April. Being the ?seasoned? parents of two that we are, my husband and I tried to answer all their questions regarding baby products, labor and delivery.
This is where I always struggle when talking to expectant moms. I strongly believed I would have a beautiful story to share of my daughter?s birth back in 2003, but I was a petite woman and she was over eight pounds at birth. After twenty-four hours, she was delivered via c-section and couldn?t have been healthier. I, on the other hand, felt cheated out of my precious birthing experience. I never want to come across as negative, but I feel it?s important for women to educate themselves on the ins and outs of c-sections, just in case. I didn?t really know anyone who had experienced such a delivery when I was pregnant with my daughter so it was all new to me.

There are special circumstances to consider during the postpartum period after a c-section and any expectant mom should have a strong support system just in case. Recovering from a c-section is major surgery and you can?t do any heavy lifting or driving for the first few weeks after the delivery.

These days, c-sections are on the rise, and they can provide healthier deliveries for moms and babies alike. I would have preferred a natural delivery, as would many women who end up with c-sections, but it doesn?t always work out that way. With my second child, I elected for a repeat c-section because my son looked to be a large baby as well. He too was delivered quickly and with no complications, and I?ve come to terms with the fact that my children?s births are just as precious as I?d always hoped, they just took place in an operating room instead of the standard labor and delivery room.

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