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Pregnant Twin Sisters Deliver on the Same Day

Twin Sisters Deliver on the Same DayFolks, here is another amazing New Year Baby story.

Six years ago, I, my sister-in-law, and another friend, were pregnant in the same year and delivered within four months of each other. I’m sure this happens lots of times but it was fun for us. But what is the likelihood that twin sisters would deliver hours apart in the same hospital?

Martha and Dorothy from Memphis, Tennessee did just that, according to FoxNews! Dorothy was due on January 3 and Martha on January 11. Somehow Martha labored early on New Year’s Day. Dorothy rushed to the hospital to be with her twin and then started to have contractions herself as well! It ended up having the twin sisters having contraction back to back. Both delivered their babies on the January 1, 2009 within hours of each other.

As mom of identical twins, people are always asking him whether there is any truth to the so-called “ESP” or “special communication” among twins. And I honestly reply “I don’t know.” I know however that my twins have a special bond that goes beyond the usual inter-sibling bond or the even the parent-offspring bond. I’m sure Dorothy and Martha also have this bond that led to the almost simultaneous yet unplanned deliveries.

What a story that would be for their kids!

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