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Pregnant? Don`t take your blood sugar levels for granted

You think you have nothing to worry about because your glucose level is not high enough to be considered diabetic. Well, think again. Even if your glucose is below gestational diabetic levels, it may still affect your baby. “Slightly” high level of blood glucose in pregnant women may result in babies with higher birth weights and babies with diabetes. This is based on the studies by American researchers who looked at 25,505 women from nine countries who were 24 to 32 weeks pregnant.

When I was expecting my twins, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes although I completely disagreed with the diagnosis. My glucose levels were not that high, I wasn’t overweight, and there are no diabetics in my family. From my point of view, my risk factor was nil. However, my doctor convinced me to consult a diet specialist because twin pregnancies are usually risky and can easily lead to complications. So I did. And reading about this study, I am now glad I did.

The results of the study showed that pregnant women with “mild” gestational diabetes have a higher chance of overweight babies plus the possibility of babies having diabetes. The glucose level that requires a treatment, however, is not yet established.

Even so, we should not take our glucose level for granted. Talk to your doctor, ask for advice or get a treatment. Early treatment will protect your baby from becoming diabetic.


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