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Pregnancy Perk: Hair and Nails

You have to make some trades when you’re pregnant. You might get huge, but you have that whole glow thing going on. You might be tired beyond belief, but people encourage you to rest and relax because of your condition. All in all, it’s not all that bad.

One of my favorite perks of being pregnant was the effect it had on my hair and nails. My hair suddenly got thick and shiny. My fingernails were suddenly strong and growing like mad. Keep in mind that my hair has never been very thick and I’ve had a constant battle with my fingernails. I was really impressed by what my body could pull off.

I’ve read that the hair and nails thing is a result of the pregnancy hormones surging through the body, but I’ve also read that it has more to do with prenatal vitamins. I’m not sure which one to thank, but I was extremely grateful.

The only problem is that after this taste of incredible hair and fingernails, it goes away after the baby is born. My once-fine-then-thick hair became fine once again, and my nails became a lot more brittle than they were during the pregnancy. For lack of a better term, it was a real bummer.

I don’t miss being huge and I don’t miss having to pee every thirty seconds, but I do miss the fabulous hair and nails that come along with pregnancy.

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