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Pregnancy Gingivitis

pregnancygingivitis.jpgI have always had a love-hate relationship with dentists. As a kid I had my fair share of cavities and endured a relatively sadistic orthodontist for a year or so, but as an adult I’ll go to the dentist regularly and don’t make much of a fuss about the whole thing. I don’t enjoy the process, but I sure like the feeling after my teeth are cleaned.

Then came the time I booked a dental appointment while I was pregnant with my second baby. I was in my second trimester but I knew that if I didn’t get in to see the dentist before the baby was born that it would be a long time until I could get in again. I figured the only difference I would notice as a pregnant woman is that I wouldn’t have to get any x-rays…that is, until the hygienist poked my gums with the cleaning hook. That’s when the bloodbath ensued.

Apparently I had developed a case of pregnancy gingivitis. It made my gums incredibly sensitive, and from what the hygentist told me it’s not terribly uncommon for pregnant women to develop this issue. Even though my previous dental appointments had been relatively uneventful, suddenly I was spurting blood from my gums as though I had never brushed my teeth a day in my life. It was embarrassing and disgusting, all at the same time.

My dentist assured me that the gingivitis would probably disappear once I gave birth, and he was right. It was like magic: One day I was pregnant and had swollen gums, and the next day I gave birth and my gums went back to normal. It was just another interesting (yet gross) condition that my body flirted with during my pregnancy yet tossed aside once I wasn’t pregnant anymore. Isn’t pregnancy weird?

It’s a good idea to step up your flossing and tooth brushing during pregnancy to make sure you stay as healthy as possible, but if you develop pregnancy gingivitis then rest assured it might just disappear like mine did. Chat with your dentist for more information.

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