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Pregnancy Discrimination Cases on the Rise

pregnancydiscrimination.jpgThe Modesto Bee reports pregnancy discrimination cases are on the rise and the cause is unknown. Despite more women in the workforce and federal laws to protect women, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reports it has seen pregnancy discrimination cases jump 45 percent since 1992.

Apparently, people are still buying into the “women with children are poor workers” myth. Who else would be better suited to juggle the fast-paced, multi-tasking world of corporate America, mentor and develop junior associates, keep a mental note of every mundane industry factoid and remember the name of every worker and their significant other?

That’s right, moms. We do the same thing when we’re at home everyday (before and after work) and that’s with a basket of laundry on one arm and a baby on the other.

Seeing that more women are receiving college degrees than men and women are continually gaining positions of leadership within corporate America, I wager the tide will either begin to change soon or obstinate companies will be taught a very expensive lesson.

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