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Pregnancy and Facial Hair

My body changed a lot when I was pregnant with my first baby. I gained quite a bit of weight, my back ached a little, and my vision actually changed a little. It wasn’t a big change, but I noticed it nonetheless.

These changes didn’t really bother me because I had read about each of them beforehand and knew they were temporary. I would have to say that the rudest thing my body did to me during pregnancy, though, was the one little hair that started growing on the front of my neck.

I don’t generally deal with this sort of thing when I’m not pregnant, so imagine my complete embarrassment when my husband and I were standing in line at the grocery store and he stared at my neck and said, “You have a long black hair growing out of your neck.” I thought he must be mistaking, but he guided my hand to the spot and sure enough, there was a relatively long hair there and it was indeed attached to me.

I urged him to pull it out, and with a swift “poink!” it was gone. I stared at the hair for some time and that’s when I truly realized my body no longer belonged to me.

That stubborn hair continued to come back through both of my pregnancies and while I was nursing too. I haven’t seen it in a while – thankfully – and I hope I never do. I’m just glad it was a solitary hair on my neck and not a full-blown mustache.

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