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Parenting “Solo” While Pregnant

Parenting "Solo" While PregnantMy husband retired from the military after 22 years recently. I was thrilled for many reasons, but mostly because I thought he’d be home! No more lengthy separations due to work responsibilities. I never thought he’d land a civilian job which required him to travel extensively!

I am almost 24 weeks pregnant at this point and I feel myself slowing down. I suppose it’s because of a variety of things–my advanced maternal age, and the fact that I am a mother to 5 other children. It seems that my energy runs out faster than the daylight does. There are days when I really wish I could go sleep for a little bit and ask my husband to handle the parenting duties for a while, but I can’t. If you are in a similar situation, here are some things I’ve found that are helpful.

    Pace Yourself
    If I know that I have to be somewhere during the evening hours with the older children, this means that I have to somehow minimize morning activities and meetings. Otherwise, I just won’t be able to do it all.
    Learn To Say No
    This past weekend, I had to drive 1600 miles so my older children could see their father as per our court order. I couldn’t say no to that, but on Monday, when I was brutally tired, I had to re-schedule several meetings and other commitments. I had to say no.
    Ask For Help
    If you need help, ask! Of course, you may not have a support network to go to when you need help. I am thinking about my experiences as a military wife where you’ve just moved into a new community and your husband goes away. You may not know anyone to ask for help!
    Expect The Children To Help
    Even younger children are able to handle some tasks. The older children can handle other tasks. Even so, it may be necessary to lower your standards or to let some things go.

When I become discouraged as of late, I remind myself that pregnancy lasts for only 40 weeks. Until then, I keep doing the best I can do.

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