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Our Birth Story: Part Two

This is part two of the story of the birth of our daughter.

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At around noon they conclude that the baby is R.O.P. (right occipital posterior… don’t ask how I remember things like this; just go with it) which means the baby is facing sideways. Despite a pitocin drip we are stopped at 8cm with a cervical “lip” (I did not see this, but I was told to visualize a crescent moon shape). During the previous five hours, my wife has been complaining that there is a rod digging into her hip. The nurse tells her that she is imagining things and that the epidural wouldn’t let her feel that.

At around 2pm they finally give my wife the go-ahead to push (after her begging to try for hours). The caveat is that pushing will only work if the lip is lifted. Manually. By the nurse. While she pushes. I’ll give you a minute to work that visual out for yourself.

At around 4pm, after two hours of steady pushing, the nurse asks my wife, “Are you putting your feet in the stirrups while you push?” my wife replies, “Of course I am. I’m bearing down hard on them.” The nurse makes the “tsk tsk” sound and says, “Well we’ve just wasted the last two hours then.” My wife continues to complain about her hip.

At around 6pm, after another two hours of “proper” pushing, they give up on pushing and tell my wife to rest. My wife insists something is up with her bed. They roll her to her side and discover that her hip is resting on the joint in the bed frame, and that the mattress is extremely thin there (due to a history of bending the mattress at that point).

An hour later (we have been in the delivery room nearly twelve hours at this point) the on-call ob-gyn comes in and offers the following, “The baby is very big, and very healthy. We are not worried about the baby right now. However, you have been here all day and we have to consider the possibility of a c-section. You don’t have to do it; it’s your call. But if something goes wrong with the baby, it stops being your call and it becomes my call.” He leaves to allow us time to digest the information.

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