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Our Birth Story: Part Seven

This is part seven of the story of the birth of our daughter.

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The remainder of the day and the whole of the next passes without any significant incident. My younger sister comes up the first night and visits (transit to get her from her apartment to our town wasn’t servicing the area after midnight). Of course, my in-laws are there frequently.

The day after that we begin to wonder what the protocol is for discharging a c-section patient. Our nurse informs us there was “no way” we would be discharged today, and that Sunday is unlikely as well, given my wife’s slow recovery and that she had just begun to move on her own without someone holding on to her.

My older sister and her family come in the afternoon. We pretend to be ignorant of the rule that no children are allowed to visit except for siblings, allowing my niece and nephew to meet their cousin. About half an hour into the visit, our nurse comes and offers us a private room that has just become available. We jump at the opportunity (a private room means I can sleep in the room with them) and get my siblings to help move rooms.

We visit with them for another half hour or so in the new room, and they leave. About ten minutes after their departure (4pm-ish), the insensitive ob-gyn arrives and says, “Are you ready to go home?” Shocked and more than a little frightened, my wife replies, “No.” The doctor furrows his brow and says, “What’s wrong?” my wife says (holding back tears) that she is just not feeling physically ready. The ob-gyn replies, “Well, without a medical reason I have to discharge you today.”

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