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New procedure for permanent birth control

New procedure for permanent birth control

familyplanning.jpgThere are many ways to plan a family. Measures can be undertaken to properly space children?s births, or postpone for a while the first pregnancy, or to not have children at all.
Depending on one?s beliefs, pain threshold, habits, or convenience levels, women/couples today have abstinence, pills, injectables, diaphragms, condoms, etc. to work with. But there is another procedure that women may not have heard about yet, as KOAT reports, a procedure requiring no surgery and yet offering a rate of effectiveness similar to that offered by tubal ligation.

Essure is a procedure where a small coil is attached to a delivery catheter and inserted into the vagina, up into the uterus. Guided by a camera attached to the catheter, the doctor is able to maneuver the catheter and release the coil inside the tubes as the patient watches.

As with tubal ligation, the woman still menstruates and the ovaries continue producing eggs. However, these eggs would not be able to travel through the fallopian tubes after the tubes? tissues have grown around the coil, closing the tubes permanently.

Women have even been reported to opt out from the use of anesthetics during the procedure since the pain is likened to just regular menstrual cramping.

Such news is a testament to how far we?ve come medically. Offering less invasive ways to provide solutions to everyday problems benefit not only women?s health but also her way of life.

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