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My Many Rings

mymanyrings.jpgWhen I was pregnant with my daughter I got so puffy that my wedding ring didn’t fit anymore. It wasn’t all her fault because I’ll admit that I really indulged in eating whatever my heart desired plus I had some hypertension issues that made me swell up, so all in all I wound up gaining about sixty pounds with that pregnancy. It actually came to the point when I didn’t fit into some of my maternity clothes anymore. Now that’s puffy.

When my wedding ring didn’t fit anymore, I started wearing a set of silver bands that my husband had bought me a few years ago when we lived in Turkey. The bands were beautiful, and since they passed as a wedding band I didn’t feel quite so bad about the switch. I figured I could just start wearing my wedding ring after the baby was born. Surprise, surprise: as my due date neared, my puffy fingers outgrew even the silver bands. I started to get a little distraught by this development since the bands had always been relatively large on my finger, so this solidified just how big I was getting.

My husband’s office had a party scheduled for a week before my due date. It was a formal affair, and I was huge. I had no trouble finding a gown (hint: try bridal stores) but I didn’t have a ring for my finger. I remembered a ridiculously large ring my grandmother had given me. It was costume jewelry, and I kept in case my unborn daughter would someday want to pretend she had a big diamond ring. I wore this as a wedding ring the night of the party, and I knew if I gained any more weight there probably wouldn’t be a ring big enough for my massive fingers.

After my daughter was born the puffiness subsided quickly, and I was delighted to get back into the silver bands and then eventually in a few months I had my original wedding ring back. When my second pregnancy rolled around I prepared myself with a vast array of rings, and I did wind up needing them. If you’re pregnant right now and frustrated beyond belief at how your fingers look like sausages, fear not: this too shall pass.

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