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My Experience With Inducing Labor

When I read an article by a fellow writer on Babies Online Blog on inducing labor, I immediately recalled my experience with the birth of my baby.  She was 7 days overdue, was tired of being pregnant, and was getting increasingly bigger.  She wasn’t that big at 8 lbs., but weighing all the factors I’ve listed, my OB-GYN decided to schedule inducing the labor.

I definitely researched the subject before making the decision, and I found conflicting reports.  I found articles that didn’t support claims that induction led to more C-sections.  I found articles that stated C-sections resulting  from inductions were no higher than C-sections in the general public.  After reading these materials, I felt a little better about my decision, and I went ahead and started the labor process prematurely.

How Did My Labor Induction Workout?

Well, I ended up being in labor for 20 hours.  I then pushed for two hours.  In th end, with my body spiking a fever, they had to do an emergency C-section. At that time, when they told me, I was so exhausted I just nodded.  I got a very kind “you’ve been very brave” from the medical staff and then I was prepped for the operation.

Would I Do It Again?

Looking back, with what I know now, would I have done it again?  My simple answer is no.  This is completely anecdotal evidence, but coupled with new studies coming out, and with me pondering on the natural process of birth, I think that inductions should be relegated to emergencies.  Put another way, the procedure should only be used when mom or baby is in more danger if induction isn’t started.

I know of several moms whose babies were overdue for weeks and yet they held off on starting labor medically, and their babies were fine.  I think in the end, there is a a good reason babies comes out when they come out, and they know when they’re ready.  My daughter was medically fine, but now with the C-section, my future deliveries will most likely be C-sections as well.  Doctors nowadays don’t like doing Vaginal births after a C-section (VBACs) and a lot of them will refuse to do it.  This is a significant issue for Moms who plan to have more than two kids.  That doesn’t even take into account that a C-section also lengthens the recovery time for Moms for up to six weeks and beyond.  I say beyond because tissue takes about 2 years to completely heal.  And I can attest that I didn’t feel quite myself until about a year and a half after my daughter’s birth.


So there you have it, a completely anecdotal account of an induction.  I’m not saying inducing labor will automatically lead to a C-section.  However based on the research, and if you take into account that  it is a prematurely forced labor that either you or your baby may not be ready for, it pays to be cautious.  There are definitely many factors to consider if one does plan to induce labor.  Take them all into account and complete your research is my advice, because the consequences can be serious.

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