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Must Be Something in the Water

All of a sudden, everyone is pregnant.

Okay, maybe not everyone, but the women in my church have suddenly been announcing pregnancies left and right. Never mind that every celebrity female of childbearing age seems to have a baby bump, but now it’s hitting my local community. I don’t know if there was some big conspiracy among the men in my town to get their wives pregnant, but whatever they decided on it must have worked. By winter time we’ll have a huge cumulative baby shower.

Have there always been this many pregnant women running around? The last time I remember seeing so many pregnant women was when my husband and I were trying to get pregnant without success. Every pregnant woman who waddled by was a reminder that I wasn’t pregnant even though I desperately wanted to be.

Now that I’m finished having babies, I find myself jealous of these women for some weird reason. Do I want to have more babies? Heck no. It’s the same old pang, though…that realization that these women are doing something magical and wonderful, and I can’t.

Is this baby boom happening elsewhere too, or is it just my town?

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