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Mother’s Day for Expectant Moms

motherdayexpectantmoms.jpgIf Mother’s Day rolls around and you’re pregnant – but you don’t have any other children yet – you’ll probably still feel entitled to celebrate. After all, you’re growing a baby inside you, and if that doesn’t make you eligible to get some recognition on Mother’s Day then I’m not sure what does. Celebrating your very first Mother’s Day is a really special thing, even if your baby hasn’t been born yet.

Of course you realize that your unborn baby can’t really sign a card or send you flowers, so naturally you may expect for your husband to get you a little something on behalf of your baby. You might await the day with great anticipation. It’s your first official Mother’s Day, right?

Here is the thing: Some husbands just don’t make the connection. The baby isn’t born yet, so they may still be in the mode of figuring out what to get their own moms instead of devising some clever way to help you celebrate effectively. In other words, if you want to get the reverence you deserve on this special day, you’re going to have to drop a few hints. Try some of these:

“I’m so excited about celebrating my very first Mother’s Day!”

“If you’re wondering what I might like for Mother’s Day, how about a pedicure for my swollen feet?”

Or, my personal favorite:

“I’m going to celebrate Mother’s Day this year. Buy me stuff.”

Okay, okay, so you may not want to be so blatant, and plenty of women don’t really want anything fancy and would just appreciate acknowledgment. Your first Mother’s Day should be special, and if you have the feeling that your husband may not easily make the connection himself then you should let him know.

Remember, pregnant ladies: You are a mommy now.

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