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Moms Talk: Top Morning Sickness Remedies

Moms Talk: Top Morning Sickness RemediesMany pregnant women know “morning sickness” is a misnomer; nausea can last all day. The good news is it typically ends by the end of the first trimester. Morning sickness is caused by pregnancy hormones wreaking havoc with your system. Some people say morning sickness indicates a healthy pregnancy, but that doesn’t mean you should worry if you don’t have any. Every woman – and even every pregnancy — is different.

Babies Online collected the most effective morning sickness remedies posted by our community of readers. The best tip is to remember that all the symptoms of pregnancy will end soon and, when they do, you’ll have a beautiful baby. So on to the recommendations of the Babies Online community.

Morning Sickness Cures

  • Rachel Price Lott – I always had a bad taste in my mouth, so I chewed cinnamon gum and it helped.
  • Kimberly Colombo Mitchell – Don’t jump out of bed! Saltines and ginger ale on the nightstand before you even get up. Don’t brush your tongue when you brush your teeth…gag! Don’t let your stomach get too empty during the day…small snacks.
  • Kristin MacDonald – Stay in bed till the afternoon ha ha. Nothing is helping me.
  • Palesa Chula – I would drink water and have dry toast.
  • Mary Chnapko – Peppermint candies, ginger, and stay away from Kool Aid… too much sugar! Oh, and sourdough pretzels helped a lot too, but there were days nothing helped….. blah
  • Teresa O’Dell – Stepping outside for breath of fresh air always made mine go away
  • Kimberly Stidham Dobbs – Hot Tamales candy and Big Red gum. Those were the only things that would help. I was sick for 4 months for all day long. I was so glad when I discovered these!
  • Kristy Stevens – Keep saltines by the bed and eat one or two before getting up.
  • Jennifer Sanchez – Those motion sickness bands!! They worked wonders for me!
  • Emily Richards – I liked dried ginger.
  • Melissa Ryall Haynie – Ginger candy… spicy hot, but suck on it slowly. Also ginger or peppermint tea… and right now a candy cane sucked on very slowly!
  • Jacquelynne Rose Cook – Strawberries, peppermints and/or ginger ale seemed to help me with mine in all three of my pregnancies.
  • Kristina Davis – Ginger ale, eating a big breakfast before taking my vitamin, and peppermints all helped during this pregnancy – things I wish I knew during my first.
  • Tina Parker – Peppermints
  • Shannon Taylor Katsara – My morning sickness was worse if I didn’t eat so I’d eat something very mild like oatmeal or some tea and toast and I’d feel much better.
  • Bridgette Beaman – Sour candies helped my morning sickness. I ate sour patch kids ALL day with this baby up till week 19.
  • Shanelle Patrice – ginger ale or sleep…
  • Gabrielle Wolf-Stahl – a plain croissant with a hard boiled egg
  • Danielle Williams – The ginger slices in sushi restaurants…I would stockpile them and carry the little cups in my purse.
  • Beth Overla – Saltine crackers before actually getting out of bed. Make sure you have them in your room already!
  • Desiree Olson – Preggy Pops, ginger ale, and ice cream. Not all together, but when one didn’t help the others did.
  • Susan Estep – Preggy pop drops. You can get them in a maternity store. They are awesome! Saltine crackers and Ginger ale work also.
  • Lois Du Preez – Sleep… ginger didn’t do the trick at all. Sleep was the only thing that helped me. But I think if I ate more frequently it would’ve helped a bit.
  • Sarah Mall-Pavich – Punching my husband for doing this to me. HAHA!!!

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