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Mommy Brain. It’s not all in your mind.

mommybrainallinmind.jpgAustralian scientists have confirmed that mommy brain is a genuine phenomenon. They claim that pregnancy mildly impairs women’s memories, and it persists at least a year after childbirth.

It certainly persists more than a year. My son is almost two and I keep calling the dog by his name and asking the pooch to come and have her diaper changed.

And talking of diapers, there’s been more than one occasion where I’ve changed him into his pajamas for bed, sat down to read a book, then wondered why my lap was wet. Forgot the new diaper.

It’s not all bad. Mothers are scientifically proven to be better at multitasking than non mothers. I’m currently typing, reading “Moo, Baa, La La La”, preventing the kid from sticking foreign objects into the CD drive, and wondering what to make for dinner. Moms are also better at learning, problem solving, have improved sensory abilities, and have less memory loss as they grow older.

So overall, scientists reckon moms are smarter than non-moms. Well, we all knew that already 🙂

Got any good mommy brain stories to share? Come on, spill!

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