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Migraines No More

migrainesnomore.jpgBefore I got pregnant with my first child I frequently experienced migraines. At least once every week or two I would get a migraine that was so bad I would wind up in a pitch-black room, wet washcloth over my eyes, unable to move because my head hurt so horribly. I took prescription medicine for my migraines when they got really bad, but I knew that once I got pregnant I wouldn’t be using it anymore. I didn’t care how badly my head hurt; I wasn’t going to pollute myself with any medicines that I didn’t absolutely need because I knew everything I ingested had the potential to mingle with my unborn. I figured my baby didn’t need any migraine medicine.

Imagine my surprise when pregnancy brought with it no migraines. I had the occasional headache, but nothing that was so debilitating that I was knocked out for the count. Apparently – for me – the remedy for migraines is to get pregnant. It’s an interesting trade-off, isn’t it?

I did develop an interesting malady which I had never heard of before: ocular migraines. The best way to describe an ocular migraine is this: Imagine there is a flickering light in your peripheral vision, and over the span of about five minutes the flickering light moves into your full sight, not blocking your vision but making it a little hard to focus on anything. The first time it happened I was a little concerned while at the same time quite intrigued. It was pretty cool, actually. After the flickering light passed I felt a little off, but for the most part I was just fine.

I brought the experience up to my doctor at the next visit and he pronounced me as an official Ocular Migraine Sufferer. He mused that it was probably a result of my pregnancy hormones, and it wasn’t really something to be concerned about. Trade debilitating migraines for occasional flickering lights? You betcha! Once in a while during my pregnancy I dealt with the flickering lights, but never had a traditional migraine. The same thing happened with my second pregnancy, and once in a blue moon I still experience ocular migraines but they have become very few and far between.

I’m not pregnant, and I’m not nursing, and lo and behold I haven’t had a single painful migraine since before my first pregnancy. I’m not so sure how it happened, whether I traded traditional migraines for ocular migraines or if something in my body just reset when I was pregnant, but however it happened I feel extremely lucky. Out of my pregnancies I got two glorious children and got rid of my migraines.

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