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Mercury, Fish, and Pregnancy

mercuryfishpregnancy.jpgRecent government studies have supported previous findings which advise pregnant women to limit their intake of fish in order to lower their risk of exposure to mercury and other toxic chemicals. Mercury can affect the brain development of a forming baby which is why it is of concern.

In 2004, the EPA and FDA issued an advisory and warned women who are pregnant, or may become pregnant to avoid certain types of fish. Swordfish, tile-fish, shark and king mackerel are large predator fish which were on the list of fish to avoid. Tuna was not on the advisory list, but certain types of tuna may be higher in mercury than other types. Canned tuna, according to the advisory is usually made from skipback tuna, and is lower in mercury levels.

Oceana, a marine conservation group, is calling on the FDA to issue warnings about certain types of fresh tuna. If you would like a list of fish to avoid and fish that is safe to eat during pregnancy, check out the Eco-Friendly Seafood website for more information.

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