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Maybe Coffee Isn’t All That Bad

I love coffee. Every morning begins with a cup. Whenever I head off to a meeting or have a long drive ahead of me I’ll stop by Starbucks or another local shop and load up on some coffee. Yes indeed, I am a fan of coffee.

When I got pregnant I stopped drinking coffee with caffeine altogether. I indulged in decaf coffee once in a while, and even though I missed the little caffeine buzz I figured I was doing the right thing because of all the alarmist articles I had read that claimed caffeine could cause low birth weight and premature birth. I wasn’t going to take that risk, even though I really missed coffee.

Now some researchers are changing their mind. According to a new study by Danish researchers, consumption of caffeinated coffee might not be as dangerous as was once thought. Now some experts are saying that moderate coffee consumption doesn’t heighten the risk of low birth weight and premature birth at all, although they aren’t still so sure about the other risks that may be involved. It sounds like lack of risk may not include pregnant women who also smoke.

I don’t think this study really changes how I view coffee and pregnancy. I think if I were to get pregnant tomorrow (no, thank you) I would still nix the coffee. After all, caffeine is a stimulant, right? I don’t want to get my unborn baby hooked on a stimulant before even being born.

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