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I’ll Pass on the Belly Shots

ipassbellyshots.jpg When my husband and I changed our status from a ‘double income, no kids’ couple who likes to party to expectant parents, the words ‘belly shots’ took on a whole new meaning.

From 8 weeks of pregnancy on, everyone I spoke to asked if I was going to take profile photos of my belly as it grew. Logical questions, as this is a trend in pregnancy, my husband is a semi-professional photographer, and I love scrapbooking.

However, the answer is no. At least, for me it is. I’m not particularly crazy about having my picture taken under the best of circumstances. I’m already having a hard time coming to terms with the changing shape of my body, and I haven’t even begun to grow a belly!

Perhaps this will change as I begin to feel the baby growing inside of me and this pregnancy feels more ‘real,’ rather than just a few extra pounds around my waist. I’ve always struggled with my weight, however, and I sense the next six months will be a tremendous growth experience for me–in more ways than one! I’m just not comfortable with having a camera document it all.

And definitely no cameras in the delivery room! I want my husband focused on me, not the lighting or ‘best angles.’

Now, I would never pass judgment on women who choose to capture and preserve this precious time, including the delivery, with week-by-week photos. This blog post offers some great tips on documenting your pregnancy, with belly pics and more!

As for me, the ideas in this other post about must-have pregnancy photos suits me better. The author offers some unique, fun ideas that focus on the joys of pregnancy and even involve other people, rather than focusing on your expanding tummy. Of course, the prerequisite ‘belly shots’ are listed, but some of the ideas are quite creative. She even mentions one photo I wish I had thought to take: a picture of the positive pregnancy test on the morning I found out!

New moms reading this: how did you document your pregnancy? Did you take week-by-week photos of your belly as it grew? Do you wish you had?

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