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Getting Huge

When I was pregnant with my second baby I got really huge. I don’t think I realized how huge I really was during the last few months of my pregnancy. It’s hard to realize just how big you can get until you look back on it later, especially if there are photos involved.

My husband took a photo of me when I was just a couple of weeks away from giving birth. I was lounging on the sofa and although I was pretty darn uncomfortable I had no idea how big my belly had actually gotten. I e-mailed the photo to my mom, not really looking at the picture but still sending it so she could see how close to delivery I was.

When I talked to my mom on the phone a couple of days later she said that she took a look at the photo and then prepped my dad before she showed it to him. “Don’t cry,” she told him, and then revealed the photo.

Yes, ladies and gentleman, I had gotten so huge that the sight of me made my parents want to cry.

Of course I didn’t realize I was so huge, but I ran across the same photo a while ago and stared at it in disbelief. Wow, was I huge! I really looked like my belly was going to fall off. Back then I knew I was big – much bigger in the belly than some other pregnant women I knew – but I didn’t quite grasp how huge I really was.

If you’re close to the end of your pregnancy and people around you keep commenting on how huge you are, don’t worry. Even if you don’t agree with them, you probably will a year or two down the road when you look back on photos and think to yourself, “Was I ever really that big?”

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